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KTL In Studio 1.jpg

 Born: 1965 in New York.

Contemporary Painting

Large Scale - Still Life/ Landscapes/ Colourfield 

Katie’s light filled studio is located on Waiheke Island , NewZealand.  She and her Kiwi husband Darren relocated there in 2010 from Nantucket Island.


She began her professional painting career after graduating in 1988 from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Waiheke is the perfect place for Katie to continue her practice with a focus on colour and light. Citrus trees surround the studio and the light filters in through the day creating unique opportunities to explore composition. She gravitates toward painting larger than life forms, as they are able to draw the viewer into the work.


Her colour palette is based on impressionism with multiple layers of oil paint mixed and applied in a way that creates a colour resonance. On close inspection one can see these layers. Objects often take on an anthropomorphic look as they lean into and relate to one another on the canvas.


Her work had been recognised and collected internationally. She continues to exhibit in the USA as well New Zealand.


“My work has changed and developed over the last years here in New Zealand.

Art usually takes on the essence of the artist’s surroundings. The natural colours and light of New Zealand has had a strong influence on my palette and subjects.”

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